The Danish Girl: Tender portrayal of Transgender Woman’s quest for Identity- 100 Word Review

Hooper’s latest period piece is a touching yet lengthy depiction of a transperson’s journey from man to woman, based on Ebershoff’s novel.

1926, Dutch painters Einar (Redmayne) and Gerda’s (Vikander) happy marriage begins to breakdown after Einar discovers he identifies more with “Lili” (his character in their playful game of dress-ups) than himself. This quest for identity and the repercussions for their marriage is the film’s heavy focus.

Redmayne brings self-conscious sensitivity to Lili, however it’s Vikander who captivates as dedicated, vivacious Gerda.

Despite beautiful design and stirring performances, TDG’s under-editing in both script and picture makes a potentially magnificent film drag.

3 stars.png

Jo Bradley.


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  1. says:

    Very inspiring movie

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  2. I never got around to reviewing this one but I definitely agree that Vikander was the one to watch, even though Redmayne was undoubtedly brilliant. She brought so much and you could juat feel her character’s pain. She very much deserved the Oscar for the performance.

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