Hell or High Water- Black Comedy Road Movie with Heart: 100 Word Review

Hell or High Water is Thelma and Louise meets No Country for Old Men with a splash of Blues Brothers.

Two brothers, part of the white trash underbelly of American society, rob a chain of banks, hunted by gruff yet canny retiring Texas Ranger (Bridges). Pine’s morally steadfast Toby adds complexity to the deplorable criminal trope. His heartfelt interactions with Foster’s wild ex-con prevent us from demonising these likeable fugitives.

Nuttgen’s cinematography artfully captures the arid Texan landscape. Director Mackenzie sustains tension throughout, merging black comedy with fraternal chemistry to provoke reflection on the complex nature of criminal morality.

Jo Bradley.

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  1. Nice! Like the review style.

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  2. I agree with you Jo; this is one of the year’s best. Its an action-packed semi-comedic yet darkly probing look at a society still reeling in the wake of the 2008 world financial meltdown.

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    1. JoBradley says:

      Thanks for letting me know your thoughts!

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  3. Dan O. says:

    Had a good time with this. Mostly because the ensemble is so great. Nice review.

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    1. JoBradley says:

      Yes. I really had no expectations but ended up really enjoying it. It’s my number 2 of the year when I finally get round to writing it…


  4. Jay says:

    I like your mashup.

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  5. Mark Walker says:

    I like how you manage to capture the essence and quality of the film in so few words, Jo. I used to write like this too. I’m thinking of going back to this style to be honest. Anyway, we certainly seem to be on the same page here. Such a great film.

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    1. JoBradley says:

      Thank you. I thought it was fantastic. It’s my second best film of the year (my review of 2026 will be up soon haha).

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      1. Mark Walker says:

        As its stands, it’s my second best too. Captain Fantastic remains my favourite film so far.

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      2. JoBradley says:

        Interesting. I meant to see it but the reviews weren’t amazing so I never got round to it.


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