‘Promising Young Woman’ and the Fallacy of the “Nice Guy”

In Promising Young Woman, Writer/Director Fennell uses the familiar character type of Ryan (sweet, funny, unthreatening boyfriend), to argue that ‘nice guys’ who are complicit in the sexual harassment perpetrated by their friends, are not nice guys at all. A nice guy, like Ryan, would never take advantage of a woman. But if his friends are doing it? He might just look away. What’s the consequence of complicity here? In Promising Young Woman, the consequence for Nina, and by extension, Cassie, is devastating.

Birds of Prey: A Fierce Assertion of the Female Gaze in a Male-Dominated Genre

Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020), doubles as both a fun action movie, and a fierce assertion of the female gaze in the male-dominated superhero genre. This article was originally posted on Blitz UNSW Viewers will know Harley Quinn from David Ayer’s appallingly bad Suicide Squad (2016), in…

The Boomkak Panto Review: A Joyful Return to the Theatre for Sydneysiders

ettter to small aussie communities, and the art form of theatre itself. A classic entry into the ‘show-within-a-show’ genre, it is full of audience interaction, and self-aware humour about rehearsals, auditions and the chaos of trying to stage a performance despite the world falling apart.

11AM Pressers and the Comfort of the Live Event

Sydney is in lockdown again, and with lockdown comes the resurgence of zoom activities. Living alone, I have combatted the lockdown loneliness by doing all of my regular activities as usual, while being virtually accompanied by all my friends. 

Hot Mess Review: A Love Letter to Drunk Girls in Bathrooms

Picture this: It’s 1AM on a Saturday Night. You’re at the women’s bathroom in some godforsaken Sydney nightclub. The floors are sticky, the music is pumping, and a crowd of girls are crammed into the small bathroom in a queue to use the one toilet that: A. Has Toilet Paper, and B. Actually Flushes. Someone…

A Conversation with Yve Blake, creator of hit musical, FANGIRLS

If you have been paying any attention at all to Australian theatre lately, it’s likely you’ve heard of Yve Blake. Blake is young, passionate and rudely talented. At only 27 she has already written a hit musical, Fangirls, an ode to teenage girls and their passions. The show premiered at the Queensland Theatre Company and…

Interview with Dead Skin Creators Laneikka Denne and Kim Hardwick

Earlier this month White Box Theatre Company and KXT Kings Cross Theatre hosted the world premiere of Dead Skin a new work by emerging playwright and actress Laneikka Denne. My review of the premiere can be found here. I recently sat down with writer and star Laneikka Denne, and director Kim Hardwick, to chat about developing new work, the importance of queer representation, and telling authentic stories about young people.

Stop Girl Review: Long-Winded Tale of PTSD

Stop Girl is a provocative reflection of what can happen when we succumb to the pressure to achieve at all costs, regardless of deteriorating health and mental health. In the age of the pandemic, where working from home is forcing the boundaries between our personal and professional lives to be blurred, the central message of Stop Girl—that your mental health is more important than any job—is not one to be neglected.

Love, Looks & Loneliness In FLEABAG Season Two

Unless you live under a pop-culture rock, it is unlikely that you haven’t heard of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the writer, actress and brainchild behind Fleabag. Fleabag, is an Edinburgh Fringe Festival one-woman-show turned award winning television show, about the life of a messy, tragic and darkly hilarious antiheroine named Fleabag (played by Waller-Bridge).

‘52 Films By Women’ Challenge: What Is It, and Why Do We Need It?

I first discovered the #52FilmsByWomen challenge on Twitter in 2018. As a feminist, a movie critic, and a female director, this challenge sat at the intersection between many of my passions, and I was instantly keen to learn more. The challenge, started in 2015 by Los Angeles’ Women in Film, is simple: watch one film…

I Thought the World Was Big: Musings from an Australian in Europe

Growing up in Australia, I thought the world was big. Road trips from Canberra to Sydney lasted forever. Even a ninety-minute flight to the Gold Coast was momentous and exciting. And then, aged nine, I went to America. Surely planes can’t stay up this long? It felt like the pilot was mocking us. America can’t…