On Makeup, Female Beauty Standards and the Mask Mandate

For many women, “putting on a face” is so ingrained into their morning routine that they continued to do it despite lockdown and mask mandates, as it gave them a sense of normalcy. However, for me, the mask mandate was a welcome release from the obligation of daily makeup use.

11AM Pressers and the Comfort of the Live Event

Sydney is in lockdown again, and with lockdown comes the resurgence of zoom activities. Living alone, I have combatted the lockdown loneliness by doing all of my regular activities as usual, while being virtually accompanied by all my friends. 

The 8 Spiciest Memes about UNSW’s response to the Coronavirus Crisis

It’s safe to say that UNSW’s response to the Coronavirus crisis has been less than ideal. UNSW’s failure to take swift action with shutting down the Uni, and the perceived lack of consideration for student’s well-being, particularly UNSW students studying abroad, has caused widespread discontent across the student body. There was the disregard for the…