Stop Girl Review: Long-Winded Tale of PTSD

Stop Girl is a provocative reflection of what can happen when we succumb to the pressure to achieve at all costs, regardless of deteriorating health and mental health. In the age of the pandemic, where working from home is forcing the boundaries between our personal and professional lives to be blurred, the central message of Stop Girl—that your mental health is more important than any job—is not one to be neglected.

‘52 Films By Women’ Challenge: What Is It, and Why Do We Need It?

I first discovered the #52FilmsByWomen challenge on Twitter in 2018. As a feminist, a movie critic, and a female director, this challenge sat at the intersection between many of my passions, and I was instantly keen to learn more. The challenge, started in 2015 by Los Angeles’ Women in Film, is simple: watch one film…