Review: Expiration Date at Meraki

Although obviously the work of a playwright who is still finding her voice, I think it is an admirable debut play that discusses important feminist issues. I’m sure that many couples in their twenties and thirties will find Expiration Date relatable in its exploration of the difficult conversations regarding having or not having kids.
The one-location storytelling and brilliantly simple set were perfectly engineered for indie theatre, and the creative team should be applauded for achieving more with less.

Review: Fangirls (2022) at Sydney Opera House

I truly believe Fangirls has the potential to play on a Broadway stage one day, and hope it continues to grow and improve with each iteration. Fangirls is a joyful, hilarious show that demonstrates an incisive understanding of contemporary fandom culture in the internet age, and I can’t wait to see it staged again.

Stop Girl Review: Long-Winded Tale of PTSD

Stop Girl is a provocative reflection of what can happen when we succumb to the pressure to achieve at all costs, regardless of deteriorating health and mental health. In the age of the pandemic, where working from home is forcing the boundaries between our personal and professional lives to be blurred, the central message of Stop Girl—that your mental health is more important than any job—is not one to be neglected.