My Top 10 Films of 2015

2015 was an excellent year in film and this belated list will chronicle the best of it. Many potential inclusions have yet to have been seen, therefore this is not definitive. Enjoy!   Mad Max: Fury Road Having never seen a Mad Max before watching this (I’ve since watched the original trilogy), this was unlike anything I’d ever viewed in a…

Warm and Witty albeit Melodramatic- The Dressmaker in 100 Words

Moorhouse’s return is a hilariously caricatured depiction of small-town Australia with captivating performances, stunning costumes and witty writing. Performances were robust; from Weaving’s flamboyant Sergeant to Hemsworth’s striking larrikin, from Snook’s sassy Trudy to Davis’ hilariously cranky recluse. Winslet thrived as tenaciously brazen femme fatale Tilly, whose homecoming unleashes revenge upon the callously petty townspeople….