Review: Tongue Tied at KXT

Tongue Tied is an incisive representation of a media culture that often prioritises publishing ‘scandalous’ news over the wellbeing of victims (see: the EJ Norvill Geoffrey Rush case).

I loved the contemporary and urgent subject matter of the play, and it made me think deeply about the many real-world examples that parallel the events of the play.

On Makeup, Female Beauty Standards and the Mask Mandate

For many women, “putting on a face” is so ingrained into their morning routine that they continued to do it despite lockdown and mask mandates, as it gave them a sense of normalcy. However, for me, the mask mandate was a welcome release from the obligation of daily makeup use.

‘Promising Young Woman’ and the Fallacy of the “Nice Guy”

In Promising Young Woman, Writer/Director Fennell uses the familiar character type of Ryan (sweet, funny, unthreatening boyfriend), to argue that ‘nice guys’ who are complicit in the sexual harassment perpetrated by their friends, are not nice guys at all. A nice guy, like Ryan, would never take advantage of a woman. But if his friends are doing it? He might just look away. What’s the consequence of complicity here? In Promising Young Woman, the consequence for Nina, and by extension, Cassie, is devastating.

Suffragette is Superb conclusion to 2015 cinema

Gavron’s tribute to the foot-soldiers of the British Suffragettes is gritty yet poignant, backed by a strong female cast and crew. It chronicles Maud’s intense and empowering journey from timid laundress to militant Suffragette in the face of brutal patriarchy. Mulligan humanises the dedicated Maud with righteous indignation, well supported by Duff’s tenacious Violet, Bonham-Carter’s…

Sexism in Hollywood

Sexism in Hollywood is ever-present and an often discussed topic. Patricia Arquette’s recent Oscar acceptance speech for Boyhood recently brought it to our attention. Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan and Dame Helen Mirren have spoken out against it, with Kirsten Stewart declaring it’s “so offensive it’s crazy.” The extent to which women are disadvantaged in Hollywood is extreme. Selma…