Fantastic Beasts Review: Visually Delightful Yet Messily Long- 100 World Review

FB&WTFT’s a visually delightful but messily long adventure in magical 1920s America. Rowling’s first screenplay attempts to compensate for the Potter hiatus through a crammed yet rambling follow–up. ‘Fantastic Beasts’ could’ve been a fun, succinct family adventure film. However, Scamander’s quest is convoluted by politically charged No-maj/ Wizard/ Grindewald tensions that clutter the plot line…

8 Childhood Movies that taught us valuable life lessons

From the heroines to  wizards, to kids just like us. These movies were there for us when we were little and now, re-watching these classics, can we identify meaningful lessons that can guide us in our adult lives. Here is a collection of some of my favourite childhood films, and what I learnt from them….