Fantastic Beasts Review: Visually Delightful Yet Messily Long- 100 World Review

FB&WTFT’s a visually delightful but messily long adventure in magical 1920s America.

Rowling’s first screenplay attempts to compensate for the Potter hiatus through a crammed yet rambling follow–up.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ could’ve been a fun, succinct family adventure film. However, Scamander’s quest is convoluted by politically charged No-maj/ Wizard/ Grindewald tensions that clutter the plot line terribly.

Redmayne’s perfectly cast as shy, gentle Newt partnered with severe Waterston as ex-Auror Tina. Sudel’s Queenie’s a charming romantic, paired with adorable No-Maj Kowalski (Fogler).

The special effects and production design are unquestionably stunning. Unfortunately Yate’s magical FB&WTFT’s one fault is JK Rowling herself.

Jo Bradley.

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  1. Michelle Morrison says:

    You make some valid points. The acting was good, and I liked the interaction between the characters, and the special effects were great. However, I was a little confused about what exactly what the issues between the magical and non-magical worlds were. Whatever the case, I did like it.


  2. Trilby Norton says:

    I loved this. I know there were problems (the beasts and the magio-politics never really gelled), but I grinned from beginning to end. Hella fun.

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    1. JoBradley says:

      i was grinning for the solid first hour but then- forgive my pun- the magic wore off a bit


  3. mia says:

    I love Eddie Redmayne and I’ve been really obsessed with the movie. But you bring up some awesome points here- it is true that the movie is messily long. Have you read the screenplay, by any chance? x

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    1. JoBradley says:

      No i haven’t. Reading the script for The Cursed Child kind of ruined scripts for me…

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      1. mia says:

        hmm i still need to check that one out. so it was disappointing for you?

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      2. JoBradley says:

        Yes it was. Alot of the movies I didn’t enjoy this year were because they could have been much better.


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