Back to the Future borrows too heavily from past in repetitive sequel- 100 Word Review

Spielberg’s temporal sequel all but copies its predecessor in a predictable follow-up about altering fate.

Like the original, McFly (Fox) and Doc (Lloyd) must travel across time to fix problems, ultimately creating more problems. Their ascent to a futuristic 2015 initiates a trans-generational race against the clock to right past (and future) wrongs.

Irritatingly, the sequel is purposefully self-referential, both exactly copying the famous skateboard chase, and setting most of the film’s events during the original.

Although delivering an amusing speculative vision of the future, BTTF2 fails to introduce any new gags, thus producing the worst kind of Déjà vu.2.5 stars

Jo Bradley.

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  1. Agreed. I saw it years ago, and wasn’t impressed. The first one was fresh and original, the sequels just derivatives.

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  2. I personally loved it’s self-referencing, especially the scene where they had to go back to the dance. but I can see where you’re coming from!

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    1. JoBradley says:

      It was original but a bit tiresome!

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