Impulsive Sherlock emerges in action-packed mystery-100 Word Review

Pierce’s riveting escapade narrates eccentric sleuth Holmes and his accomplice Watson as they battle black magic in this Victorian thriller.

Downey Jr’s Holmes is erratic, belligerent and astute, however an unconvincing genius compared to Cumberbatch’s autistic prodigy. He’s well paired with Law’s level-headed Watson, and this camaraderie is central to the film’s charm.

The Art Direction brilliantly establishes the Victorian mood, while the fluctuating speeds of the stunts correspond with the rambunctious and exhilarating Celtic soundtrack.

Although inevitably discredited, the supernatural theme was dull compared to Doyle’s typically perplexing puzzles.

Regardless, SH is still a boisterous, exciting and sensational adventure.

4 stars

Jo Bradley.

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