Wentworth S4Ep4 Recap: ‘Screw Lover’

For those not in the know, Wentworth is an excellent Aussie drama set in an all-female prison, entering its fourth season. It’s a tense show with some great actors, and is excellent to binge-watch.

This episode deals with the rising tension between Kaz, Bea and Ferguson in terms of prison-yard politics.

Ferguson, (played with menace by Pamela Rabe) continues to manipulate Kaz (Tammy Macintosh). This uneasy alliance is developing well, and an incoming power struggle between them and Top Dog, Bea, is clearly on its way.

This episode really emphasises Bea’s struggle to maintain control and power. On one hand, she has a good relationship with guard, Will Jackson, and really cares about him. On the other hand, an alliance with a screw is criminal in the eyes of the prisoners, and Bea must keep the people happy in order to maintain her status as Top Dog. You really feel bad for her in this episode, and get the sense that the stress of leading the prison is getting to her.

Allie, played by Kate Jenkinson, has some good moments in this episode, as her obvious admiration for Bea must be hidden due to her alliance with Kaz’s crew. The development of her and Bea’s friendship will be interesting to watch as the series continues.

Other plot developments include Maxine’s diagnosis with breast cancer, and Boomer’s much anticipated conjugal visit. Although Boomer’s impregnating attempt failed as expected, it featured an awkwardly funny cameo by Tom Budge.

All up, a strong episode which sets up a lot of promising tensions to be explored later on.

Jo Bradley.


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