Why the New Season of Suits is off to a Disappointing Start

I just watched the first episode of Suits Season Six, and I have to say I’m pretty underwhelmed.

The show started out with an engaging premise, a genius drug dealer talks his way into a job as a lawyer without ever getting a degree. Throughout the seasons Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has worked his way through the cutthroat world of a high-profile law firm, using his intellect and street smarts to win case after case, while concealing his fraudulent past.

In this new season (spoiler alert), he’s finally been caught and is facing the consequences of his actions in jail, while his fiancée and the partners at Pearson Specter Litt try and pick up the pieces of the broken firm.

But this show, which for several seasons now has become a broken record of ‘I’m scared people will discover I’m a fraud’, is failing to keep the momentum of the story going. With a seventh season in the works, it seems that USA Network is set on pushing money into a show that sells, even if it’s just the same discourse episode after episode. But on to the lacklustre episode itself:

The first twenty minutes had a lot of histrionic dialogue about how much god damned trouble the law firm is in, and what the hell are they gonna do about it. The named partners, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) bicker at each other pointlessly for twenty minutes, dwelling on regrets and failures. Rachel (Meghan Markle) continues to be a whiney character who spends the episode lamenting Mike’s absence, and even the ever sassy secretary Donna (Sarah Rafferty) lacks her usually vivacity.

The non-existent storyline then drifts to Mike in jail, where he makes the rapid and predictable discovery that jail is tough and the people are mean. In a bizarre twist, which makes it really clear the writers are floundering for ideas, the lawyers grab some weed and get high instead of confronting their issues.

Ultimately a pretty boring episode where predictable dialogue and non-existent plot is pulled together by tepid performances by actors who have the potential to do much better. I’ll keep you posted on how this uninspiring season unfolds, but don’t keep your hopes up.

Jo Bradley.



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