Blazing Saddles fizzles out- 100 Word Review

Mel Brooks’ 1974 satire of the wild wild west is tasteless and unamusing.

A corrupt politician with interest in the railway business hires a black sheriff in the hope of driving the townspeople out of town. To everyone’s surprise, the sheriff is actually good at his job and manages to eventually win over the town.

Little is a charismatic character and Wilder and Korman are mildly funny. Brooks and Kahn’s performances, however are painful to watch. Unfortunately the catchy theme song can’t redeem this awful movie.

Overall, the storyline is a mess and comedic moments are painfully forced and often offensive.


Jo Bradley.


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  1. When I first started teaching I was on a school camp where the person running the camp thought Blazing Saddles would be an appropriate film for one of the night sessions. It was so bad in so many ways. Why on earth were you watching it?

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    1. JoBradley says:

      It is one of those ‘classic’ films on IMDB Top 500 and whatnot and I am just working my way through them!


  2. I watched this a long time ago. I like Gene Wilder, but I agree, this isn’t a good movie.

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  3. I disagree. I think some of the humor was a bit much, but the social commentary underneath the satire is brilliant. It’s a very specific sense of humor, though, so I understand the dislike!

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