Sarah Carroll is a Katy Perry Stan and Proud

My fifth Fringe Interview is Sarah Carroll, a Rotuman/Australian queer multidisciplinary artist, working across live performance, writing, film/tv and movement.

Her one-woman show Cherry has been performed twice before, as part of KXT’s Panimo Festival and Flight Path’s Everything But The Kitchen Sink Festival. She is bringing it back this September for Sydney Fringe before touring it to Melbourne Fringe.  

We got together to chat about fandoms, Fringe, and why Katy Perry is going to Executive Produce this show one day.

Please note, this interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Tell me about Cherry. I’ve been hearing about it for a while, I’m bummed I haven’t seen it yet.

So, the easiest way to explain Cherry is the tagline: It’s a little bit comedy, a little bit cabaret and a whole lot of Katy Perry. It’s basically a deep dive into obsessive fandoms. It’s also a little bit about sexuality and embracing who you are. It’s about the fangirl Katy-Cat life, essentially.

And that’s very inspired by your experience of being a fangirl of Katy Perry?

Yeah! So, I do often joke that this show is 14 years in the making. Because it all started in 2008, when I discovered Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” and then I quite literally grew up with her, throughout all of her albums. She became an anchor in my life, so the show does track that whole period.

Who do you think is the ideal audience for this show?

When I was first writing the show, the audience was for younger me, and people in the fangirl/ fandom life. Because I met a community of friends (through being a fangirl) so I was writing it for them.

I wrote it to shed light onto this world that people don’t really understand. Fandoms get a bad rap but it’s actually this really beautiful community. So, the niche audience is anyone who has ever been part of a fandom, to make them feel a bit nostalgic. But I think the show is for is everyone, everyone can get something from this show and learn something.

I’m also writing it for Katy Perry, because it’s like a whole thank-you card to her.

So, the show is for everyone, but it’s specifically for Katy Perry, who has to see the show one day?


Why should people come see your show?

This show is an explosion of bubble gum, pop pink, purple candy. I can guarantee it will have you laughing, dancing, lip-syncing along.

Considering the last two years that we’ve had, I really wanted to create a show that was a fun time. I want people to leave smiling and be like “Yeah, that was really fun”.  

Forget about your work day, forget about life for an hour, and come on this Katy Perry journey with me.

This is the third time you’ve performed the show?

Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to do two seasons. One, at the Panimo Pandemonium Festival at KXT, which was a sold out showing, which was very exciting. And we did four performances at the Everything But the Kitchen Sink Festival, this year at Flight Path Theatre. It’s good to be back!

And, do you have plans to perform it again?

Yes, we are going to Melbourne Fringe next month which is absolutely wild.

And then the plan for the show is we want to take it around the fringe circuit, do Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide. And then—I feel like everyone’s goal is this—Edinburgh Fringe obviously.

And, then I’m just convinced that Katy Perry will Executive Produce at some point— It’ll be great. 

Oh yeah, you can be the opener to her concert!

Yeah! And then I know Katy wants to get into acting, so I was like “Somehow I can write a TV series, and she’ll be in it, I’ll make that work. That’s the plan!

Cherry is on at the Emerging Artist Sharehouse’s Boom Boom Room (Erskineville Town Hall) from Tuesday 13th- Saturday 17th September at 8pm. Tickets can be found here.

Interview conducted and edited by Jo Bradley


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