Rembering Excellent Theatre- Belvoir’s The Glass Menagerie

My most memorable theatre experience was the Belvoir’s 2014 production of The Glass Menagerie. Having seen Musicals most of my life, this was one of my first experiences of serious drama. I found both the Play, and the Direction to be very different to any other production I had seen before. The small cast size allowed the actors ample time to explore and develop their characters. The audience felt more connected to the characters and were therefore more engaged. The director’s unique use of media (through the live video cameras and screens) improved the show as it combined the artistic shot angles of Film with the immersion of live theatre.

Despite the stunning technical and directorial aspects, my favourite part of this play was the actor’s performances. Rose Riley perfectly personified the awkward, anxious Laura. Pamela Rabe’s booming delivery meant that you could feel the theatre shaking with emotion and Luke Mullins gave a haunting portrayal of a lost man confronted by desire. The performances were phenomenal, with intricate characterisation in both physicality and voice. The Actors worked so well together that you felt that you weren’t watching a group of actors, but a real dysfunctional family.

Jo Bradley.


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