Beyond Thunderdome balances Max’s Madness with eccentric storyline- 100 Word Review

Miller’s third post-apocalyptic outing has the craziness of its predecessor with a unexpectedly comprehensible plot.

Road Warrior, Max (Gibson) is enlisted by Thunderdome’s ruler to kill a rival in a gladiator-style arena. A subsequent banishment introduces him to a gang of children dreaming of the mythical Tomorrow-Morrow land. When their expedition fails, only Max can save them.

Miller’s wildly original direction is matched by authentic design, creepy music and an action-packed finale.

Gibson’s heroic vagabond is gutsy yet likeable and Turner’s ‘Auntie’ is better than expected.

Despite this, the outrageous storyline often gets too much, and more stunts would’ve improved it.

2.5 stars.png

Jo Bradley.

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  1. This one is my least favorite of the Mad Max movies, but it’s still kind of fun. “Fun” isn’t a word you’d usually use for a Mad Max film, but it’s got some 80’s kitsch to it.

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  2. Paul S says:

    I’ve got fond memories of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and even though it’s oft-maligned a lot of it is actually amazing: Bartertown, Master Blaster, Aunty and “Two men enter, one man leaves!” are all crucial entries in the Mad Max canon. The sets, vehicle and costume design aren’t too shabby either.
    I only wish Mel Gibson could have reprised the role one more time and brought the story full circle.

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    1. JoBradley says:

      Valid points, although I do think Tom Hardy is a welcome addition to the canon, particularly in gaining the attention of a new generation of movie watchers.


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