Please Hire Declan Dowling

For my third Sydney Fringe interview, I chatted to Declan Dowling, the writer and one of the performers of Please Hire Us, one of the shows in Little Triangle’s Musical Chairs: A Cabaret Series. We spoke about cabaret, A Chorus Line, and the plight of young artists trying to get hired.

Please note, this interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

Hi Declan! Tell us– what is your show about?

So, we’re four NIDA graduates who graduated last year, and we haven’t got any work. We didn’t get an agent at the end of our course. And it’s about us looking at ourselves introspectively to try and determine why that might be. That being said, it’s not A Chorus Line. We don’t want to bore you to tears for an hour going, “oh, poor us!”

Does it go into heavy themes like A Chorus Line—or is it more light-hearted?

Well, it’s a bit of both. We do get quite heavy with introspection. But, at the same time we try and keep it fun and, and very silly.

Why should people come see your show?

Because, in case the title didn’t give it away, we desperately need money and we desperately need attention! (Laughs)

Who do you think is the ideal audience for your show?

I think it has quite a broad reach. You know what I mean? University students will find something just as much as retirees will. Everything we talk about is very broad, and that was sort of the idea when I wrote it—to be appealing to a wide audience.

And I suppose it would be particularly relatable to like fellow artists, especially fringe artists?


Has this show been performed before?


And, are there plans to perform it in the future?

Originally there were plans to take this to other places. Unfortunately, we’ve had some scheduling conflicts—rather fittingly, people have decided to hire a few of us!

They can’t do that! It breaks the reality of the show!

Please Hire Us is playing at Sydney Fringe Cabaret Club (Castlereagh Boutique Hotel) on Wednesday 7 September at 8:00pm, and Friday 9 September, 9:30pm, as well as at Riverside Theatres Parramatta on the 24th September at 2:30pm. You can buy tickets here.

Interview conducted and edited by Jo Bradley


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