100 Word Review- Catch Me if You Can

Spielberg’s witty true story narrates conman Frank Abagnale Jr’s cheeky and fraudulent journey across various professions.

Dicaprio shines as resourceful teen/professional liar/desperate criminal, hunted by FBI agent Hanratty (Hanks).

This relationship is the film’s focus throughout their transnational game of Cat and Mouse. Initially fuelled by contempt and frustration, their affiliation grows into a father-son camaraderie as they begin to care for each other.

Walken also glows as the devoted father that gives his son his first taste of the scam.

The music’s superb, with Abagnale’s theme playing in key moments of deceit.

A classy and entertaining romp. Must see.

4 stars

Jo Bradley.

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  1. One of my favorites! DiCaprio and Hanks were brilliant, and who better than Christopher Walken to teach his son the “it must have slipped right off your neck” trick? Such a fun movie.

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