Suffragette is Superb conclusion to 2015 cinema

Gavron’s tribute to the foot-soldiers of the British Suffragettes is gritty yet poignant, backed by a strong female cast and crew.

It chronicles Maud’s intense and empowering journey from timid laundress to militant Suffragette in the face of brutal patriarchy.

Mulligan humanises the dedicated Maud with righteous indignation, well supported by Duff’s tenacious Violet, Bonham-Carter’s determined Edith, Streep’s devoted Pankhurst and Gleeson’s conflicted Inspector.

A beautiful execution in its period art design, sensitive handling of emotional scenes and absorbing script.

A gripping film that explores both the family dynamic and political landscape of the time, Suffragette is both harrowing and beautiful.


Jo Bradley.

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  1. I enjoyed Suffragettes. I expected a decent movie but it turns out to be great.

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    1. JoBradley says:

      I always had high expectation for it given the subject matter and the cast. It reminded me of Les Mis both in the British Period Drama style and the ceaseless depressing scenes. Performances were formidable and I think it was a great film.

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  2. Melinda says:

    I hadn’t heard much about the movie when I went to see it. I found the rawness and grittiness of it to be powerful. Your review of it is spot on.

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  3. I would appreciate it if you were to read my review on suffragette

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